The Principals


(in the style of the Bailey Book*(see below)

CHARLES GAIRDNER DALRYMPLE TENNANT, b. 4 April,1903, Glasgow, Scotland. Educated at Eton College (1916 -1921), appointed Manager of the Union Bank of Scotland of Ayr in 1928, married Barbara Cecilia Kinloch in 1937 and served as Acting Major R.A.S.C. (1939-1946).  Author of “The Radical Laird” (1970) and “My Mules, My War and Me” (1986). He died at Blairgowrie, Scotland in October 1991 having had issue

  1. Thomas Peregrine Tennant b.  Jan. 2, 1939
  2. Tanera Cecilia Tennant b. Nov. 26, 1940
  3. Edward Kinloch Tennant b. Jun. 11, 1943
  4. Victoria Margaret Tennant b. Feb. 26, 1950

MONA MACQUORON GAIRDNER, b. July 1901. Canterbury, New Zealand.  Eldest child of Scottish Sheep Farming Pioneers, educated at Braemar House School, Dunedin, married William Henry Kent of Suffolk, England in 1924, farmed in Alberta, Canada (1925-1930), and raised five children.  Master Mason of the Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry.  Authored several articles for the Luxor Study Group including “The Magic of Masonry.”  She died in 1993 having had issue

  1. Moana Kent, b. 1925
  2. Shirley Kent, b. 1926
  3. Margaret Kent, b. 1928
  4. Diana Mary Kent, b. 1929
  5. Thomas Lawson Kent, b. 1933

*          In 1947, William Henry Bailey published a book titled  A chronicle of the family of Gairdner of Ayrshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and their connections, from the seventeenth century.”  Bailey’s chronicle, which was dedicated to his son-in law, Lieut.-Colonel Robert Dalrymple Gairdner, who’d died during the 2WW, is a genealogical tree with basic information about every member of a Gairdner line, born between 1656 and 1947.  In addition, the book lists similar information about other Ayrshire families; specifically the more prominent families, whose sons and daughters were joined to the Gairdners by marriage.

In the above, I have imagined how entries for Charlie Tennant and Mona Kent might have been entered in a 21st century edition of the Bailey Book.  As Mona and Charlie speak frequently about their offspring, there needs to be some place to also introduce their children.

This was independent research by Bailey and the family lines that he chose to record and follow in detail were his choice.  Charlie and Mona are both single line entries in the Bailey Book, listing their names and dates of birth.

In the letters, there is frequent reference to the Bailey Book and a “little black book” belonging to the New Zealand Gairdners and they are treated as the authoritative sources on all matters of Gairdner lineage.  These books also spell out, the Gairdner connections with a number of other Ayrshire families and although it’s a digression, in the 19th Century, it was not uncommon for first and second cousins to marry. Perhaps for that reason, one sees the names Tennant, Dalrymple, Macquoron, Cowan, Sutherland frequently crop up in the Gairdner full names.  These overlaps can be confusing.


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