Some readers may find the need to get an immediate handle on the family roots, the relationship between the two correspondents, Mona and Charlie, and the connections between the New Zealand Gairdners and the Ayrshire Gairdners.

Mona and Charlie were 3rd Cousins and shared the same Great Great Grandfather: Captain Robert Gairdner (1750- 1795) of Mount Charles, Ayrshire, Scotland

Captain Robert Gairdner had 5 sons and 1 daughter

  1. Dr. John Gairdner  (of Edinburgh)
  2. Thomas Gairdner
  3. Robert Gairdner
  4. Dr. William Gairdner (of London)
  5. Charles Dalrymple Gairdner
  6. Marion Smith (Gairdner) Tennant

Six generations later, connections between the offspring of Captain Robert Gairdner’s family are becoming remote, but in the 19th century, marriage between cousins across all six branches of Captain Robert’s offspring was quite common. Families merged and split. Mona’s branch goes back to son #3 Robert Gairdner, the ‘Indigo Planter’ of Bengal, India, while Charlie’s branch descends from both son #5 Charles Dalrymple Gairdner, a banker and daughter #6 Marion Smith Gairdner, wife of William Dalrymple Tennant, Collector of H.M Customs, Edinburgh.

As the correspondence unfolds, both Mona and Charlie often make reference to offspring from one or more branches of Captain Robert’s family, as if they were immediate “kith and kin”. With many players being referenced, it is sometimes a challenge to keep track of the many Gairdner names in play.  But for the most part, they are all descended from Captain Robert Gairdner and his off-spring.

Below is a chart of Charlie and Mona’s connection:




Mona & Charlie

Charles Gairdner Tennant’s mother’s second cousin’s daughter was Mona Macquoron Gairdner
Capt. Robert Gairdner  of Ayrshire (1750-1795)


Great Great GrandP


Gairdner, Charles Dalrymple (1794-1867) Gairdner, Robert  (1792-1871)


Great GrandP


Gairdner, Charles (1824-1899) Gairdner, Robert John (1834-1921)


Gairdner, Anna Louisa (1870-1942) Gairdner, Robert Macquoron (1876-1945)




Tennant, Charles Gairdner Dalyrmple (1903-1991) Gairdner, Mona Macquoron Kent (1901-1993)

3rd Cousins

Gairdner, Mona Macquoron’s father’s father’s father’s brother’s son’s daughter’s son is Tennant, Charles Gairdner

Those who would like to take a detailed look at Captain Robert Gairdner’s family tree and all his descendants can go to <www.gairdnertennant.tribal>.  You supply your email address and request a guest invitation to look at the detailed online Gairdner Family Tree.

For additional information on the lives of Mona and Charlie, the correspondents, you can go to the page “The Principals”.


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