Hello Friends and Family

This evening I am launching a prototype blog for online viewing of 35 pieces of correspondence exchanged between the late Mona Kent of Auckland, New Zealand and the late Charlie Tennant of Blairgowrie, Scotland from 1975 to 1987.

Over the next month, the letters between Mona and Charlie can be accessed by Year by going to/ linking to the “The Letters on the Menu Bar above.  The other sections on the Menu Bar provide background to these transcriptions, some information about Mona and Charlie and the Gairdner family tree connections.   These features are intended to provide context to Mona and Charlie’s correspondence.

In their letters, both Mona and Charlie expressed their desire to pass down stories about their Gairdner heritage to their Grandchildren.  The letters are just that  – stories about days past and family deceased.

This particular collection, which is centred around Mona’s prolific correspondence with Charlie, talks mainly about the family history of the New Zealand Gairdners.  But this is not the end point.  Charlie Tennant also collected letters and memoirs written by the Gairdners of Ayrshire during the 19th and 20th centuries and these will be made available at a later date.

Today, digital media (email and text messaging) has largely taken the place of the hand-written letter or typed material as the popular mode of communication between individuals or groups across any sort of distance.  Instead of old style copying and printing of archived letters, it seems more appropriate to this day and age to make Mona and Charlie’s letters available on-line.  It also provides an opportunity, through comments and replies, for a broader conversation about Mona and Charlie’s stories and their thoughts.

This blog will be active for twelve months and if you would like to make comments, ask questions, or provide reaction upon reading “The Letters”, your thoughts will be posted on the website.  Let’s hear from the next generation of Gairdners.

Ted Tennant, September, 2013